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Recently, the (2012) LOL Movie trailer was released.  It’s an american remake of a french film, and if you follow my music, you may have noticed my hinting at some involvement in that movie regarding the music side of things.  A few people have been asking what the name of the last song is in the recent LOL Trailer, and I just wanted to give you an update.  I’m not actually in the movie, but my voice is.  I sang four songs which are heard throughout the movie, and I’m basically Kyle (Douglas Booth)’s singing voice in LOL.  Unfortunately, I didn’t really do any writing for the film (aside from a few tweaks on one song), but regardless, I still feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have been involved in some capacity with a major picture like this.

So to get back to the name of the last song in the actual LOL Trailer, it is titled “Heart on Fire“, and it was written by a buddy of mine (Scott Thomas).  I’m basically the ‘performing artist’ on the song, so the soundtrack will be titled accordingly (Jonathan Clay).  I’m not exactly sure when the release date for the soundtrack is, but I would imagine that it would coincide to some concurrent degree with the release of the actual LOL Movie.

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